Fear of Death!!!

To some this is the cruelest of all the basic fears. The reason is obvious. The terrible pangs of fear associated with the thought of death, in the majority of cases, may be charged to religious fanaticism. So-called “heathen” is less afraid of death than the more “civilized.” For hundreds of millions of years humans have been asking the still unanswered questions. “whence” and “whither.” Where did I come from, and where am I going?

During the darker ages of the past, the more cunning and crafty were not slow to offer the answer to these questions, for a price.

“Come into my tent, embrace my faith, accept my dogmas, and I will give you a ticket that will admit you straightaway into haven when you die,” cries a leader of sectarianism. “Remain out of my tent,” says the same leader, “and may the devil take you and burn you throughout eternity.”

The thought of eternal punishment destroys interest in life and makes happiness impossible.

While the religious leaser may not be able to provide safe conduct into heaven, nor by lack of such provision, allow the unfortunate to descend into hell, the possibility of the latter seems so terrible that they very thought of it lays hold of the imagination in such a realistic way that it paralyzes reason, and sets up the fear of death.

The fear of death is not as common now as it was during the age when there were no great colleges and universities. Men of science have turned the spotlight of truth upon the world, and this truth is rapidly freeing men and women from this terrible fear of death. The young men and young women who attend the colleges and universities are not easily impressed by fire and brimstones. Through the aid of biology, astronomy, geology, and other related sciences, the fears of the fark ages which gripped the minds of people have been dispelled.

The entire world is made up of only two things, energy and matter. In elementary physics we learn that neither matter nor energy (the only two realities known to people) can be created nor destroyed. Both matter and energy can ne transformed, but neither can be destroyed.

Life is energy, if it is anything. If neither energy nor matter can be destroyed, of course life cannot be destroyed. Life, like other forms of energy, may be passed through various processes of transition. or change, but it cannot be destroyed. Death is mere transition.

If death is not mere change, or transition. then nothing comes after death except a long, eternal, peaceful sleep, and sleep is nothing to be feared. Thus, you may wipe out, the fear of death.

Symptoms of the Fear of Death….

The general symptoms of this fear are:

The habit of thinking about dying — instead of making the most of life, due, generally to lack of purpose, or lack of a suitable occupation. This fear is more prevalent among the ages, but sometimes the more youthful are victims of it. The greatest of all remedies for the fear of death is a burning desire for achievement, backed by useful service to others. A busy person seldom has time to think about dying. They find life too thrilling to worry about death. Sometimes the fear of death is closely associated with the fear of poverty-stricken. In other cases, the fear of death is causes by illness and the consequent breaking down of physical body resistance. The commonest causes of the fear of death are: ill-health, poverty, lack of appropriate occupation. disappointment over love, insanity, religious fanaticism.

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Tina Donovan - Dare To Be Happy

Tina Donovan - Dare To Be Happy


Dare To Be Happy is about learning how to live your life filled with nothing but pure love and happiness. You will learn step and a life style of living happy.