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Grow Your Business Part 18


I hesitated to call this the “Perfect Webinar” because I don’t want you to think this script only works for webinars. It was initially created for webinars under the name. But since then, we’ve successfully used it for videos, sales letters, teleseminars, webinars, stage presentations, email sequences, and more. It should be titled the “ Perfect Presentation”, but our community has adopted the name the “Perfect Webinar”, so we’ll keep it the same. Just don’t forget that this script can and should be used in all selling situations, not just webinars.

Let’s break down the script process, then in the next three parts of this series we’ll walk through it step-by-step. Everything covered so far will be plugged into specific sections of the scripts. And while it may seem like your doing a lot in this script, there is just one goal.

Get them to believe ONE THING.

That’s it. If you ask someone to believe in more than one thing, your sales will suffer.

Jason Fladlien once explained:

“The idea is to have a single point of belief that your message is built around and is emphasized over and over and over again form a variety of different angles.”

We are talking about the Big Domino- THAT is the key thing they need to believe. The whole presentation is created to knock down that one domino, and that’s it. The next three things you’re about to learn are not NEW things you’re trying to get them to believe. They are the tools you use to attach the domino form a variety of different angles. That is the key to the Perfect Webinar. When you understand this, you’re ready to build out your presentation.

Keep in mind there are a lot of moving pieces in this script, and every single one of them is there for a specific reason. Make sure you don’t leave anything out. Before we dive into each individual element, let’s look at an overview of the whole process. There are four major parts.


This is where you’ll welcome people to the presentation, build rapport, pique their curiosity, and get them excited. Also, this is where you start actually persuading people. That doesn’t begin at the close, that begins the second you start talking.


During this section, you’ll try to pique their curiosity, you’ll identify the Big Domino (The One Thing), and tell your first Epiphany Bridge story (your origin story). Right off the bat, you’re giving people the same epiphany you had when you discovered the new opportunity. This is your first attempt to knock down the Big Domino.


This is the content section of the presentation. You need to identify the false beliefs they have around the following.

  1. The vehicle or new opportunity.
  2. Their ability to use the vehicle (internal beliefs).
  3. The #1 thing they believe is keeping them from getting started (external beliefs).

You have already identified these earlier, so all you have to do is tell Epiphany Bridge stories that break their false belief system and rebuild them with the truth.

Have you noticed that the three secrets are not trying to get people to believe NEW things. They are simply false beliefs they already have about your ONE THING. If you knock down these three beliefs through the content sections of the presentation, the Big Domino will fall and they will join your new opportunity.


Here is where you move from the teaching to the sales portion of the presentation. Don’t worry if you’re nervous about this. I’m going to give you a magic sentence that will make the transition seamless and natural. You’ll then present your offer in a very precise format we call the stack, and you’ll weave in some very specific closes that have been proven to persuade people to take the action they need in order to get results. And yes, you will be using your stack slide during this potion of the presentation.

It’s important to really understand the objectives for each section. So, the next three parts of this series will break each part of the Perfect Webinar slide by slide.

I hope that listening to this blog has been a great investment of your time. But no matter how good I make the blog, it can never be as good as having me or my team work with you personally on your webinar, stories, and presentation. If you’d like to work more closely with us to develop your expert business, I invite you to email me:

After you email me, I will personally set up a time with you to see if you’re a good fit to work with. I’m a big believer that money follows speed. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by — let’s get your message out to the world.

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