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Grow Your Business Part 24


The webinar process and the Perfect Webinar scripts you’ve just learned works really well for offers between $297 and $2,997. But when you’re selling more expensive offers, you need to add another step. Instead of just sending people to an order form, send them to a page where they fill out an application. Then get on the phone and interview them to see if they’d be a good fit for the program. This works for two reasons.


It’s much easier to sell a $2,997 -$100,000 program on the phone. That extra steps help people feel more comfortable paying the higher dollar amounts.


At the higher-level programs, you are typically going to be working more closely with people. You can screen them to make sure you’ll enjoy working with them. If they aren’t a good fit, then don’t except them into your program.


This is going to be more like a 4 phase script. There are four primary questions, but you will be asking follow-up questions to dig deeper and get more complete answers.

Before the prospects get on the phone with you, they fill out an application form so you can pre-qualify them. Then you should have an assistant contact them to set up a 30 minute call.

Once you’re on the call, most people will want to open with small talk. That invites them to ramble on and waste time. you don’t want that. You want to set yourself up as the one running the call right from the start. So you’re going to say.

“Hey, this is __________(Your Name) and I’m excited to be on the call with you. So here’s how these calls work. I’m going to ask you four questions. Depending on how you answer them and how well we get along, we’ll decide whether to move forward. Sound fair enough?”

They should answer “Yes”. or the call can end right there. You’re getting a micro-commitment here, a little yes right at the start. You’re also setting the ground rules so you can steer the conversation where you want it to go. Once they agree, it’s time to start asking the questions.



Imagine you and I were to start working together today, I teach you everything I know and do everything I can to help you get results. Now imagine we’re sitting in a coffee shop a year from now. What would have happened in your life, both personally and professionally, for you to feel happy with your progress? What would make you believe that this was the best decision you ever made?

What you are trying to get them to describe their external and internal goals here. You want to hear their true desires. If they can’t answer this question, you don’t want to work with them because you’ll never be able to satisfy them. No matter how much you accomplish — and no matter how much they pay you — if they can’t articulate their desires, then you won’t be able to make them a reality.

Most likely, they’ll start by describing external desires. This is a great start, but you want to dig deeper and get to the internal desires as well. So ask follow-up questions based on their answers.

“Why do you want _______________(insert what they said they wanted)?

Then they’ll start revealing the values and beliefs that are truly important to them.

Keep in mind how very different peoples inner desires can be for different people, even though they want the same things. You need to know those inner reasons why they want what they want. SO keep digging until they reveal those deep emotional connections.

At the end of the day, we all want the same things — respect, inclusion and purpose. When you dig and dig and dig and eventually they say something that reveals one of these three things, you can stop and move to the next question.

You need to train yourself to listen carefully for these cues on what they truly want. Then move on to the next question.


“Clearly, you know what you want. You’ve painted a really great picture for me. So let me ask you this — why don’t you have it yet? What’s been standing in you way or holding you back?”

Here you are looking for their obstacles and objections. If they don’t have what they want yet, there must be a reason. And you need to know whether you can help them with those obstacles or not. If they start blaming other people, you can’t help them. Listen for them to say things like. “My spouse doesn’t support me”, or “I tried XYZ program and it didn’t work. That guy was useless.” If they’re blaming others people or outside circumstances for their failures, you really don’t want them as a client.

You want people who will take responsibility for their own actions. So listen, for some version of “I don’t know how.” Maybe they say. “I tried XYZ program, but I just didn’t understand the finer details. I need to take the time to master the process.” The key here is the word I. If they talk about themselves a lot, then chances are you can help them. If they don’t know how to do something and you can help them, you’re going to have a successful relationship.

Next it’s time to get them thinking about possibilities.


You want to think about what resources, connections, talents, or skills you have access to that you’re not currently utilizing 100%, that you could use to help overcome your obstacles and achieve your goals.

You need to give them some time to think about it. They might come up with some great answers, or they might come up with something off-the-wall. The point is to get them thinking about the possibilities.

Whatever they come up with is good. Encourage them to keep thinking. Keep asking, “What else? What else?” until they run out of ideas. When they do you say this.

Okay, so let’s review for a minute.

“1. It looks like you know exactly what you want. You told me you want _____________ because ___________.

2. Now you haven’t been able to achieve that before primarily because of ____________ and ______________, right?

3. And last, it looks like you have all these resources you could leverage that you’re not leveraging yet, right?”

You then ask them, “How much more money do you think you’d make (or how much weight would you lose or how much better would your marriage be) if you were able to eliminate the obstacles and leverage those resources?”

You need to let them explain to you what will happen.

“Oh, man, if I could do that , I’m pretty sure I could make a million dollars (or lose a ton of weight, be so much happier in my marriage…)

You now transition to the final question.


So I only have one more question . Do you want me to help you?

Then you stop talking. You don’t say another word until they answer. Most of the time, they will say YES. Then all you have to do is say.

“Great! Here’ how it works. My fee is $______________. For that money, you get _____________. I’m here to help you. I can transfer you over to my assistant to take care of the financial details right now. Would you like to do that?”

If they say yes. you’re done. Usually the only reason they won’t agree at this point is because they don’t have the money. If that’s the case, you can offer a payment plan.

If you’ve done a good job with the questions, and they can afford your fee, then you should close most of the people you talk to. Just send them off to your assistant to handle the credit card detail, and you’re all set. And that’s how the 4-Questions close works.

I hope that listening to this blog has been a great investment of your time. But no matter how good I make the blog, it can never be as good as having me or my team work with you personally on your webinar, stories, and presentation. If you’d like to work more closely with us to develop your expert business, I invite you to email me:

After you email me, I will personally set up a time with you to see if you’re a good fit to work together. I’m a big believer that money follows speed. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by — let’s get your message out to the world.

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