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Grow Your Business Part 3


If you look at any great mass movement it has a great leaser. You could assume that some people are just born leasers and other are not. It’s is possible that your biggest fear is that you were not born a leader or an expert. I felt that way when I first started this work, and to tell the truth I still have that same fear some of the time.

A person becomes a leader with they first try to master something for themselves. Once they have discovered a path for themselves, they share their knowledge with others. It starts with your own personal growth, but then transitions to contribution.

Anyone that is nervous about having what it takes to be a charismatic leader that's okay. What I am going to do is talk directly to you. My guess is that you are an amazing person and I also know that the more amazing you are, the harder it is for you to believe it. Tell me I am wrong.

What I have found working with people over the years is that most people have this internal pull to want to serve and help people. It’s almost like a voice inside them telling then they are destined for greatness. I know this is what happened to me personally.

The other part of this is that you have this voice telling you consistently that you are inadequate, that you’re not good enough. Maybe that voice is telling you your are not smart enough, not focused enough, not thin enough, not experienced enough, not good enough. Does this sound familiar?

Just to let you know what is really strange is that often times they more people you will help, the louder this voice of inadequacy becomes. This is true no matter if you are just starting this journey or you've been at it for a while, just remember the biggest hurdle your going to face is being okay with positioning yourself as an expert.

You need to keep reminding yourself that you’re not alone. What I have found is that people who are struggling with that negative inner voice because, in all honesty, that’s the way most people feel about themselves everyday.

Most people wrestle with these feeling of inadequacy. As I talk to people, I realize that these same feelings keep most people from ever taking on the mantle of an expert. That voice keeps them from stepping up into that role.

The tragedy for when that happens is this. People are deprived of the experience and the opportunities they should have. It also deprives the people whose lives could have been changed with your help. When that little voice started to tell you that you are not good enough remember their are people you could sever by sharing your God-given talents and expert abilities-they might never be able to reach their dreams without your help.

Now is the time that you need to give yourself permission you may need to move forward. You know you have the ability and it is your responsibility to serve others with your gifts, no matter what that gift is.

Everyone is blessed with a talent, idea, and unique abilities that have gotten them to where they are in their life. Those gifts were given to then so they could share them with others. What ever your gift is know that there are people who need what you have. Know that these people are just waiting for you to find your voice, so you can help them change their lives. Think of how tragic it would be for them if you don’t find your voice now.

Most people will dismiss our unique abilities because they are things that come so nature to us. We tell ourselves that they are not all that amazing and think that others feel the same way.

I want you to take a moment and look at what come easy to you and what you love to geek out on, and changes are that’s where your abilities that you need to share with others is hiding. That is also what is waiting to be developed and shared with the world.

Always remember this when that little voice tells you that you are not knowledgeable enough. You don’t have to be the most knowledgeable person in the world on your topic or passion, you just have to be one chapter ahead of the people you’re helping. There will always be people in the world who are more advanced than you and that's okay. You can learn form them, but don’t let it stop you from helping the ones who are a chapter or two behind you.


If you are going to start any time of business, mass movement or create a vehicle for change, the first questions you have to ask yourself is ‘WHO DO I WANT TO SERVE?” You cannot server everyone! How people tend to answer this question is, they want to serve people just like them, you know the people like you were before you became an expert. A great leader, is going to lead people on a path that they already walked to get them (the expert) to the place they are now.

I know it can be hard to identify who your clients are. However, if you look closely, you’ll find that almost all expert businesses are based on one of the three core markets: health, wealth, or relationships. Now ask yourself this questions. Which of these three markets matches your area of expertise right now?

You are not an expert in all three markets no one is. Really take the time to know which market fits your expertise right now. Now that you know what market matches your expertise let take the time to dig down at least two levers deep to find your specific audience.

In each of these markets you can find multiple submarkets. For example lets say your market is relationships. Some of the submarkets could be love, dating advise, marriage, and parenting. The list for submarkets are endless in any of these three core markets. Remember there will always be new submarkets popping up.


Some people reading this will think that you’ve have found your answer. You maybe a real estate expert, or a dating or maybe a weight loss expert. But you are thinking that the there is no MONEY in your submarket. The goal is to find the RICHES in your niche. That is the step that takes you beyond just your submarket.

You first need to look at what other experts in your submarket are doing and see what they are selling. Now ask yourself these questions.

  1. Where do you fit into the ecosystem?
  2. What can you offer people that’s different and special?

What this will do is it will help you to crave out a unique spot in the ecosystem where you can thrive. This will become part of your niche. This is one key to success as an expert.

The reason submarkets and niches developed is because over time the markets change and when that happens you will see a change in the submarkets and niches. The smart business people look around and figure our what they could create INSIDE of their submarkets that would bring new opportunity to customer.

For example I was working with a women who sold real estate for a living. She was having a hard time to close on the homes she was showing and she found that most often people were not calling her back after the first meeting. I went with her to a showing and watched how she was showing people homes that they were thinking of buying.

Once the customers left I know what the issue was. Part of it was the way that she was showing the home. I came up with a plan to change the way that she would show homes to her potential buyers. When she first started to show her clients the new way of showing homes she was a bit nervous. However, once she got into her grove she was out selling everyone in her office and most of the time the clients were willing to pay more for the home.

The great part about this is next she hired me to help in other areas of her real estate business and she now makes over 7 figures per year selling home in less time that when she was struggling to make 6 figures per year.

This can work for any business you just have to know what to look for and how to implement it into your business.

Another great example is I was hired by a refrigeration company to see how they could have make more money off their current customers. After spending some time with the owners and looking at what the company does we came up with a plan that grow their business by 25% in the first year. Now that company has 125 employees, 7 different shops and are still growing.

I still work with both these companies today when they want to grow even bigger. Neither one will expand until they have called me to see what I think they should do.

The biggest mistake that I find people or companies make is they start looking at the niches, find one that looks good, and start building their company from there. The issue is that jumping into an existing niche is stepping into someone's else’s realm and now you find their are to many people doing the something and no one is making a profit or what I would call a great profit.

You need to look at your submarket and try to create a new niche, for yourself of your company. Create a new opportunity for people so they’ll want to work with you. That is what I mean when I say to create your own spot in the ecosystem. if you jump into an already existing niche, you’ll be fighting an hill battle. But if you create your own, you will find success so much easier.

You may be saying to yourself that you already know all this and that it makes sense to you conceptually. However when it come to practice, it can be a little harder to nail down just the right thing to do and that can support your superpower. Don’t worry I will teach you how to identify exactly WHAT you are offering and HOW you are unique in your niche later in the series.

So start looking around at the other experts in your submarket, you’re going to find out who your competitors are, what they teach, and how they do so. Then you will start to see where YOU fit into this ecosystem. you want to create a message that will complement the other players in your market, NOT compete with them. if you do this correctly, all your big “competitors” will almost instantly become your best partners.

In the next lesson you are going to learn some questions you need to ask yourself to make sure that your particular market will be able to sustain your business.

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