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Grow Your Business Part 5

The Cause

The next piece that you need to create a mass movement is a future-base cause. If you look at any mass movement, every political, social. or religious movement throughout history, the charismatic leader paints a picture of the future they are trying to create and what life will be like when they get there.

Over the years I have studied how people were able to have these mass movement. I discovered several common threads running through all their stories. These are element that are so much more powerful than anything you’ll ever read about building customer bases in the traditional sense. What I want you to look at are these element and how to include them in you business to create your own positive movement.

Your job as an expert and leader is to help bring people to higher ground. You need to move them from where they are to where they want to be. Eric Hoffer says, “fear of the future renders us perceptive to change.” When a person is in a circumstance where they fear the future, they will typically stop moving forward. If you want to have success in this business, you have to give your followers hope of something better so they will be perceptive to the change you are going to offer them. You do that by painting a vision of the future that they want.

Most people want to cast all their faith and personal responsibility into something bigger than themselves. It happens in everything from religion to politics, this happens in the workplace and it will be true for your business as well. People want to plug into something bigger than themselves, so it’s your job to create that vision. Here are a few key principles that will help you to create your future- base cause.

  1. WHERE CAN THEY PLACE THEIR HOPE AND FAITH? Every mass movement is built on hope, and it’s essential that we create that hope in the future, because without hope, they can’t have the faith necessary to move forward and change. As they say in Proverbs 29:18: “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

In order for you to create this You need to imagine that you’re running for president, and think about what the slogan would be for your campaign. What do your people really want? Where do they want to go? How can you capture that in a simple calling you could put on a campaign sign?

2. HELP THEM BREAK THEIR LIMITED BELIEVES. The certainty people get when they see someone else has done something they thought was impossible, gives them the belief they need to also achieve that same goal.

Your movement or business has to have something that people can aspire to. You want your customers/ clients to see that others before them have actually had success as well. You want them to start thinking and acting differently. For you to do this you need to show them something that you've already accomplished, so you can shoe them it’s possible and give them hope and belief that they can do it as well.

As you start to shift your focus to helping others accomplish the same result and breaking their limited beliefs, you’ll start to notice something strange will happen inside your movement or business. your focus will be taken off of you making money, and into giving results to others, and for some odd reason, as soon as you make that shift in your thinking, almost instantly you’ll start making more money.

I have no idea why it works that way, but it always does. And as more of your members start to get results, more people will be attracted into your movement/ business and it will start to grow faster than you ever thought possible.

3. LET THEM SELF-IDENTIFY. Now that you have helped people to see the vision of where you are taking them, the next goal is to get them to identify with your movement/business. People need to be able to identify with who they are in your group, or there will be no connection with you or the other members.

Your goal here is to do this. When someone joins you, they need to be able to identify by saying “I’m a _______.” Whey they can do that, they have an identify shift, which is very important. They get a new identity as part of the group. They become like a new person, putting the past behind them and looking towards their new future.

In order to get people to identify with your movement/business. come up with something simple that you can put on a t-shirt your member could wear that would make them identify with your movement/business. Think “I’m_____” Or “I_____.” Fill in the blank with something.

Ask yourself what would your tribe wear proudly on their chests?

4. CREATE YOUR OWN RALLY CALL. Your movement or business has to have something people can look at when they’re feeling doubtful and it be their rally call. Something that will help them know who YOU are, remind them who THEY are, and refocus them on where you are going together.

You can create this in many different ways.

  1. THE MINI MANIFESTO. Create a phrase to help your customers/clients identify with your group, then plugged in your core values to remind them what it means to be part of your tribe.
  2. THE MANIFESTO. When you create your manifesto you have to ask yourself these questions. What is wrong in your industry. What were the things you hated about business that you feel weren’t right for actual customers? You should take the core value from your mini manifesto and make them bolder, something people would stand behind.

Then print it out and frame it next to your computer. or make it your desktop screen saver. That way you never forget what you stand for.

3. VIDEO TITLE SEQUENCE (MORE ADVANCES). I want you to create a video that is your rallying call. When your movement hears it, they are very clear on who you are, why they should be involved, and where you are going. Know this people who resonate with it will join your cause; those who don’t will be pushed away.

So to break this all down you need this as your check list on making your video.

Identify the charismatic leader. Who are you?

Identify the movement

US vs Them — Take a stand. — Why are you different? — Who or what are you collectively fighting against? — Who you ARE!

This can be a powerful thing. This video isn’t long-only a minute and 10 second. But it clearly defines who you are and what your cause is all about. People who resonate with that message are going to say, “Hell YA’ and then join you. Those who don’t get it will just move on. It’s natural selection for the true believers.

Remember the four core things we use to create our future-based cause.

— Where can they place their hopes and faith?

— Help them break their limited beliefs.

— Let them self-identify.

— Create your own rally call.

This was case a vision, create hope, and give people the faith they need to move forward and make change. Now that you’ve got a charismatic leader and a future bases cause, it’s time for the next piece of your vehicle for change — the new opportunity.

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