Do Self-Help Books Work?

Project Do Self- Help Books Really Work? Day 29 Evening

The book for this project is called: My Cause Miracles By: Gabrielle Bernstein

This is a 40-Day Guidebook Of Subtle Shifts For Radical Change And Unlimited Happiness.


The work this evening will require your pen and journal, so get cozy an crack open that notebook. Spend 10 minutes -ing writing on the topic: Just let the pen flow and be the gentle witness to whatever fears come forward. It’s important to get honest about your ego’s financial perceptions in order to clear them up.

You may be very aware of where you picked up your financial fears — or maybe you didn’t realize you were afraid at all. Just let your subconscious write through you and lead you to uncover the thoughts and energy that are blocking your abundance.

After your writing exercise, reread your -ing write and say this prayer out loud:

This simple process reinforces your willingness to look at the ego and surrender your fear to your inner guide. Consciously looking at the wreckage your ego has caused is a huge part of this transformational process. Your newfound awareness of the ego’s fear-based tricks will heighten your awareness of how your thoughts have sabotaged your faith in abundance. This awareness is what ignites your connections to your -ing. Seeing your ego as separate from yourself awaken your love center and unconsciously calls on guidance. Don’t be afraid to look at what the Course calls the ego’s “tiny mad ideas.” Trust that by looking, you invite love back in.


I know where my fear of money comes from what I struggle with is how to over come it. Did I feel better after doing this exercise a small part of me did but the fear is still there and I am not sure if it will ever leave.

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Tina Donovan - Dare To Be Happy

Tina Donovan - Dare To Be Happy

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