Do Self-Help Books Really Work?

Project Do Self- Help Books Really Work? Day 6

The book for this project is called: My Cause Miracles By: Gabrielle Bernstein

This is a 40-Day Guidebook Of Subtle Shifts For Radical Change And Unlimited Happiness.

Morning Reflection Day 6

Let’s begin today’s practice with a morning reflection that will help you jump-start your miracle mind-set. Sit comfortably in your meditation space and read the next passage. Then sit in stillness for one minute and let the words set in.

I forgive myself for getting stuck in fear. I believe in miracles. Today I am grateful because I have the willingness to remember that miracles are my birthright. Today I open my consciousness and participate in the cocreation of miracles. I know that when I am miracle minded, I have the capacity to witness and experience miracles in all corners of my life. I believe in miracles.

Affirmation Day 6


The simple, four-word affirmation is endlessly powerful. Say it out loud for extra oomph and witness the shift in your energy. If you feel silly or awkward at first, remember that a miracle is simply a shift in perception form fear to love. Plug this affirmation into your phone or computer calendar and get in the groove.

I suggest you set this Miracle Moment every hour on the hour. What a nice way to go through the day, right? Hourly reminders to believe in miracles! Enjoy the guidance.

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