Do Self Help Books Really Work?

Project Do Self- Help Books Really Work? Evening Day 26

The book for this project is called: My Cause Miracles By: Gabrielle Bernstein

This is a 40-Day Guidebook Of Subtle Shifts For Radical Change And Unlimited Happiness.


This evening’s work will help you release your false projections of other through meditation. Some of my greatest acts of forgiveness have occurred on my meditation pillow. When we invite spirit into the forgiveness process, we can let go of our grievance and allow love to cleanse the ego’s dark illusions. Trust that today’s exercises have awakened your desire to forgive and that love has been called.

Today’s work was no small feat. It’s not easy to forgive your attach thoughts and choose to see love in everyone. It’s likely this work has lead to your ego flipping out. There’s nothing wrong with that -just allow your ego to be present with you in the midst of this transition and trust that the more you become faithful to love, the less patience you’ll have for your ego. Tonight we will close this powerful day with a prayer, which you can read silently or out loud to yourself:

Thank you, Inner Guidance, for helping me forgive my ego’s false perceptions. I welcome you always as my teacher to remind me that every encounter is a holy encounter and to choose forgiveness as my guide back to love and peace.


For me I like to try and spend time alone with just me and my thoughts. I try and connect to the energy and the things around me. I found that with todays affirmation and prayer I was able to let go of some things that have been holding me back.

When we take time to be alone and just sit in stillness many of our answers to question will appears to us. So my advise is that if you can take time everyday to just be alone and sit in stillness than please take that time and recharge your body, mind and soul.

I hope that reading this blog has been a great investment of your time. But no matter how good you make the blog, it can never be as good as having me or my team work with you personally on your spiritual growth journey, and awakening. If you’d like to work more closely with us to develop your living life through love, I invite you to email me:

After you email me, I will personally set up a time with you so see if you’re a good fit to work together. I’m a big believer that love follows us all. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by — let’s get your message out to the world.

I am also going to invite you to my private Facebook group of fellow people who have created not only a great deal of spiritual growth but they are also living the life of their dreams. You can meet others who are in this process and can share their stories with you. Join us at

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