Hook and Bait

Question #3: What is the bait (hook, story, and offer) you’ll use to attract your dream customer?

Once you know your dream customer are, you have to create the right hook to grab their attention. The hooks are the ads that will grab the attention of your dream customers just long enough for you to tell them a story. The goal of the story is to build rapport with them as well as break the false beliefs they have that would keep them from taking you up on your offer. The offer is the thing you’ve created for your dream customer so you can give them the results they desire. If you do this step correctly, it will repel the customers you don’t want to serve and attract the right customers to you.

So you need to crate the offer that will attract your dream customer. You know the two customers we created in the last part of this series, Remember mine were Jessica and Brodie.

When you figure out what your dream clients want, it becomes very easy to attract them. Through out this series we are going to talk more about creating the right offer. But for now, just realize the offer has to match what your dream customer wants.

Because this step in the formula has its own framework (called “Hook, Story, and Offer”). We will dive deeper into that later in the series.

The next step in this series is Question #4: What is the unique result or value that you can create for your dream customer?

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