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The Fear of Loss of Love!!!!

The original source of this inherent fear obviously grew out of a person’s polygamous habit of stealing someone’s else’s partner, and this habit of taking liberties with them whenever they could.

Jealousy and other similar forms of neurosis grow out of a person’s inherited fear of the loss of love of someone. This fear is the most painful of all this sic basic fear. IT probably plays more havoc with the body and mind than any of the other basic fears.

The fear of the loss of love probably dates back to the stone ages, when men stole women by brute force. They continued to steal females, but their technique has changed. Instead of force, they now use persuasion, the promise of pretty clothes, fine cares, and other “bait” mush more effective than physical force. People’s habits are the same as they were at the dawn of civilization, but they are expressed them differently today.

Careful analysis has shown that women are more susceptible to this far than men, this fact is easily explained. Women have learned, form experience, that men are polygamous but nature, that they are not to be trusted in the hands of rivals.

Symptoms of the Fear of Loss of Love.

The distinguishing symptoms of this fear are:

Jealousy — The habit of being suspicious of friends and loved ones without any reasonable evidence of sufficient grounds. The habit of accusing wife, husband or partner of infidelity without grounds. General suspicions of everyone, absolute faith in no one.

Fault Finding — The habit of finding fault with friends, relatives, business associates and loved ones upon the slightest provocation. or without any cause whatsoever.

Gambling — The habit of gambling, stealing, cheating and otherwise taking hazardous chances to provide money for loved ones, with the belief that love can be bought. The habit of spending beyond one’s means, or incurring debts. to provide gifts for loved ones, with the objective of making a favorable showing. Insomnia. nervousness, lack of persistence, weakness of will. lack of self-control, lack of self-reliance, bad tempered.

Have you been in a relationship where your partner was crazy jealous? Do you have family members or friends who are extremely jealous? Or are you someone who is extremely jealous when you are in a relationship? Are you jealous over your friends and family members? How is that working out for you?

When you are jealous it tells a great deal about who you are. Jealous people are very unhappy people. Jealous are the type of people who makes excuses on why they have not achieved the things in life they want to achieve. Jealous people will blame other for all the mistakes they made in their lives because they are not willing to see the truth in part they played in their life.

A jealous person is unwilling to look within themselves to make changes to live a happier and peaceful life. All jealous people are controlling people. Jealous people will try and possesses the power of others. Is that the life you want to live?

When you stop and look with in to see why you feel the need to be jealous over others, you will see how you learned that behavior for the people in your life. People are not born jealous of other; we learn how to be jealous.

Are you the type of person who is a fault finder? Do you know someone who is a fault finder? I know plenty of people who are fault finders and they exhaust me. The have nothing kind to say about anyone. They judge and compares them to others. They make rude comments on their life style. They question how they achieved the things they have achieved.

If you know a fault finder or you are one than you know how unhappy they are or how unhappy you truly are. Fault finders will never be happy for achievements that other have reached. You will also find that a faults finder will never be happy no matter what they themselves achieve in life.

A fault finder is someone who thinks the world and everyone in it owes them something. They want everything handed to them without working for it. When others are doing better then they are they feel like they were wronged some how.

Fault finder will never be happy no matter how much they are given or how much they achieve in life because they are always look at live with negativity instead of positivity.

We all know the impact that gambling can have on a person’s life. It can cause relationships to break down. It can cause people to lose their jobs, home, and even in some cases people take their own life. This applies if you yourself is the one gambling or you know someone that is gambling.

Gambling is an addiction and like all addition it will take over one’s life until there is just a shell of the person who is addicted to the issue. Addiction will rob you of all your happiness and the happiness of everyone in your life.

If you are a jealous person, a fault finder or someone who gambles you need to look within and find away to change or you will never find happiness. If on the other hand you know someone who falls into one or more of these categories try and help them or direct them to someone that can help them. Your happiness and theirs depends on it.

Next, we are going to dive into how the Fear of Old Age, will have an impact on your happiness.

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