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The Value Ladder

Your Value Ladder mission statement (VLMS)

Whenever I start a new company or start working with someone on their business, the first thing I always do is map out the customer’s value ladder. It helps to give you a vision of how you plan on serving your dream customers and where you want to take them. It helps you figure out the real purpose for your company: the main goal or result that you are trying to help them achieve.

This starts with defining the result that your dream customer will be coming to you to achieve. I call this your “value ladder mission statement.” or VLMS, and I break it down like this.

We help (insert who) to (insert result they want to achieve) through (insert your new opportunity).

Who is the person you want to serve? We have talked a lot about your dream customers so far in this series. We build everything inside of this value ladder to attract and serve them.

What is the result you can provide for your dream customer? What is it that they have been unsuccessfully trying to accomplish before entering your world that you know you can solve when you have a change to serve them?

What is your new opportunity that you want to offer them? What is the offer that you are providing the that is different from the things they have tried in the past when attempting to achieve this same result?

After you’ve defined that for your value ladder, everything you create will be moving people towards the next step. Every offer you create at each step of the value ladder will be helping to achieve that core goal.

Take a minute now to write out your value ladder mission statement, and then we will dive in and actually work on your value ladder.

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